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  • You must be 17 or over to hire any craft. All under 16’s must be accompanied by a adult on or near the water at all times. Under16 year olds can be accompanied by a responsible adult on the shore side. The responsible adult needs to stay in verbal contact with the person/people on the water at all times and takes full responsibility for them.

  • All participants must wear the supplied PFD at all times, when on the water. Any refusal or non compliance will result in the hire being terminated without refund.

  • All participants confirm that they will inform Kayakhub Exeter staff, before hire, of any medical conditions that could effect a participant during the hire.


  • All participants ensures that instructions from Kayakhub Exeter staff and/or canal/river operation personal are followed. Failure to do so could result in termination of the hire without refund.

  • All participants agree to only use the equipment on hire in the manner described by staff during the briefing and is only to be used on Exeter Ship Canal and the River Exe below Mill on the Exe and above Trews Weir.

  • If any equipment is taken over any weirs or outside of the designated areas a minimum charge of £50 will be applied to cover any cost of damages to equipment.

  • All participants will inform Kayakhub Exeter immediately of any damages or lose of equipment.

  • Any damages or loses that incur during the hire period, wether by your negligence, deliberate or accidental actions will be paid for by the hirer, in full, on your return. A minimum charge of £50 will be applied.  

  • All participants understand that Kayakhub Exeter and it’s employees do not except responsibility for any loss, injuries, or damages to themselves or others property during or after the hire period.  

  • Kayakhub Exeter reserve the right to refuse or immediately terminate any hire.

  • All equipment must be returned in time or additional charges will be applied on your return. Please contact us as soon as possible if you do not think you will be back on time.  

  • All equipment must be returned to the point of hire, unless an alternative pickup has been arranged prior to the hire date.

  • During your hire we may take photos for marketing/advertising purposes, by signing this agreement you give full permission for us to use these photos.

  • Insurance - Kayakhub Exeter confirms that is covered by public and employees liability insurance, however we offer no insurance cover regarding personal accidents to individuals that may occur during the term of this hire agreement. You are strongly advised to take out insurance cover against accident, emergency rescue, and personal injury, loss of belongings, equipment damage and cancellation.

Waiver and release of liability:

  • All participants understand and acknowledges that any water sports including kayaking, canoeing and paddleboarding carries potential danger and is undertaken at your own risk.

  • All participants within the booking therefore agree to paddle with due care and attention at all times during the hire period.

  • All under 17’s are to be kept under close supervision at all times on and off the water.

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